CPR Awareness Program

CPR Awareness Program – What is it?

Since 2008, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Local Ambulance Committees (LACs) with their Community Coordinators and Peer Trainers have been providing CPR Awareness sessions within their communities for the cost of a gold coin donation.

QAS endorses the LAC-led CPR Awareness Program

The benefits of effective Bystander CPR on improved patient outcomes is well known. This program can make a real difference to someone’s life, and the lives of their loved ones. All LACs, with the support of their local Officer-in-Charge, are encouraged to get involved in delivering the CPR Awareness Program to your community.

Would you know what to do?

A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart has stopped or is too weak to pump effectively. 76% of cardiac arrests occur at home and the most likely witness is a spouse or family member. In an emergency every second counts.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is easy to learn and can help save lives.

CPR Awareness is an LAC-led program that aims to provide the community with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to respond to a sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. At a CPR Awareness session, community members will become familiar with the life-saving skill of single operator adult CPR. It also trains members of the community to deliver the program to fellow community members.


Hello! My name is David Hollis. I am a 3rd year Medical Student from the University of Queensland. As part of a community focused health project I helped organize a CPR awareness event in Blackbutt. I also conducted serveys to learn about first aid in your community. Here is what I found.


This health project was conducted in Blackbutt, Queensland Australia. The aims of the project were to:
1. identify the beliefs, training and application of first aid within the local community. This information was then used to,
2. plan and promote a free non-accredited first aid workshop with a focus on CPR. Volunteers from the Queensland Ambulance Service provided basic CPR theory and practical training. The event was hosted by the Blackbutt Golf Club on 20th June 2016.
3. Present a brief history of first aid education and application in Blackbutt from interviews with relevant stakeholders.

The main outcomes of the project were increased confidence in ability to deliver effective CPR by those who attended the CPR awareness event and plans by community leaders and members to organize future training events in their respective organisations.



  • ·         Mike England, Mardi Preston and Nicholaine Cantle were all involved in the Blackbutt first responders program.
  • ·         Mike England is a retired paramedic who was responsible for the establishment of the local first responders group. As a rural paramedic he identified that involving community members in delivery of first aid improved outcomes for patients. One community member that was heavily involved was Mardi Preston.
  • ·         Mardi Preston became very involved with the training of other volunteers. Mardi helped with running training scenarios and also conducting debriefing sessions on a weekly basis. This built a team environment and promoted effective delivery of first aid from the first responder volunteers. Mardi also represented the community by receiving the 2011 Queensland Honorary Ambulance Officer of the year award.
  • ·         Nicholaine Cantle began as a first responder and now continues to help the community as a Queensland Ambulance Service paramedic.

The survey

  • ·         To learn more about the history of first aid a survey was conducted with community members. The survey results indicated that less than 30% of the community has a current first aid certificate.
  • ·         It is recommended that you obtain a first aid certificate by attending a first aid course.
  • ·         Cuts and scrapes were the most common situation were first aid was given. Cuts and scrapes was also the most common situation where first aid was received. The prevalence of cuts and scrapes in the community may be as a result of the high labor force especially in the timber industry. Snake and spider bites also were common.
  • ·         It is recommended that you have a first aid kit.
  • ·         The survey revealed that the most important first aid topics to the community were CPR, chest pain and heart attack. Snake bite was fourth most important.

CPR awareness event

  • ·         As a result of CPR, chest pain and heart attack being the most important, a CPR awareness event was organized and held at the Blackbutt Golf Club on Monday 20th June 2016. The results of a survey conducted before and after the CPR training indicated an overall increase in confidence in ability the deliver effective CPR. One attendee said “Before today I wouldn’t have tried CPR on my husband but now I feel comfortable to give it a go!”.
  • ·         The use of the automatic external defibrillator (AED) was demonstrated. Many of the people there had never seen or used a defibrillator before. Understanding how a defibrillator works and how to use it has reduced the anxiety of many about using it when an emergency requires its use.
  • It is recommended that you organize a free CPR awareness training session for your local group. Call the Yarraman Ambulance Station on 07 4163 8210 or your local ambulance station to enquire about the CPR awareness program. It’s Free!


Figure 1: Monday 20th June 2016 Blackbutt Golf Club CPR awareness program


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