Walking to a Healthier Lifestyle

Understanding the barriers for exercise in Blackbutt-Benarkin

Dhuvarakan Muraliharan – MD3                                                Student Number: 43537530

26th May 2019

With Special thanks to:

Dr Daphene Connor – Director of Blackbutt Medical Centre
Jeff Connor – Practice Manager of Blackbutt Medical Centre

The doctors, nurse, phlebotomist and receptionists of Blackbutt Medical Centre

 Exercise plays a huge role in the health of individuals and hence has always been greatly emphasized in leading a healthy lifestyle (1, 2). However, the integration of exercise into the lifestyle of the general population has been quite poor (3).

This has led to a higher prevalence of obesity and lifestyle-related medical conditions which is more pronounced in rural areas (4-6). This projected aimed to gain an understanding of the barriers and factor contributing to low physical activity in the rural population in Blackbutt-Benarkin.

This was done by collecting information through interviews of medical staff, Audit of the Blackbutt Medical Centre database and a survey completed by its’ patients. The results of this data identified a lack of knowledge and facilities being the largest factors as well as identifying the most vulnerable population group, those over 65 with medical conditions.

A brochure was then developed to address these issues and aid doctors in educating their patients about exercise. I hope that the outcomes of this project help lead the community of Blackbutt-Benarkin increase their physical activity and in turn help them to a healthier lifestyle.

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