Acupuncture is a technique which may assist in alleviating pain and other maladies.  Dr. Daphene Connor is fully qualified in the practice of Acupuncture, as is able to provide this service for you at the practice in our dedicated Acupuncture room, if requested. Please speak to Dr. Connor to talk about the option of acupuncture or to schedule an acupuncture appointment.



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91 Coulson St,

Blackbutt QLD 4306


Tel: 4163 0023

(All Hours)

Fax: 4163 0024


Email: tmc.2006 


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Mon - Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm 

Sat by appointment 

Sun closed



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Address: 91 Coulson Street, Blackbutt, QLD, 4306

Phone: 4163 0023


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