Fees and Billing arrangements


Blackbutt Medical Centre became a mixed billing medical practice from 3rd February 2020. If your GP hasn’t bulk billed you, full payment of the consultation fee needs to be paid on that day. The gap between your Medicare rebate and the consultation charge is the out of pocket amount.

With on the spot processing, the Medicare rebate goes into your bank account right away.

Fees will be payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

Accounts are unfortunately not able be given.

The AMA fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and our doctors charge the fees that reflect the time taken and degree of complexity in each consultation. Our practice is equipped with TYRO and Medicare On-Line. These facilities allow the surgery to directly lodge your receipt for Medicare refunds, saving time for patients.

Please ask our reception members for any information regarding these rebate options, as well as private fees.

In today’s environment, it’s no longer possible to bulk bill every patient. From February 2020, Blackbutt Medical Centre will become a mixed billing clinic, meaning all consultations are time-based and attract a fee.

We have given a great deal of consideration to who is eligible to be bulk billed.

Blackbutt Medical Centre pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, sustainable community health care.

Bulk billing is available for people who have a valid Medicare card and are:

  • Pension Card Holders
  • Health Care Card Holders
  • DVA Card Holders
  • Children under 16 years
  • Students under 25 years with a Student card
  • Undertaking a Mental Health Care plan
  • Undertaking a Chronic Disease Management Plan or Team Care Plan
  • Undertaking a Home medicines Review appointment.
  • 75+ Annual Health Check

If your card has expired, we aren’t able to bulk bill you.

If your newborn does not have a card yet, we aren’t able to bulk bill them.

If our patients need to access quality health care but can’t afford it, we will, of course, bulk bill them. (At the discretion of your GP)

Blackbutt Medical Centre pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, sustainable community medical and health care.


                 Item                                  Our Fee                                  Medicare Rebate

  Standard Consultation (Item 23)  $  70.00                                         $  38.20

  Long Consultation (Item 36)        $ 110.00                                        $  73.95

 This does not include work related cases. pre-employment medicals or examinations for insurance and other cases that do not qualify under the Medicare scheme. 


Unfortunately, if you do not have a current Medicare Card you will be charged cash for the consultation. A standard consultation will be $ 70.00 and a longer consultation will be $ 110.00.


Pathology collection services are available at this practice Mon - Fri from 8am to 1pm. No appointment necessary but their is a numbered card system.


Radiology referrals – fees are according to individual companies. Please ask your GP if fees apply and services are not bulk billed.


Specialist referrals usually are free in the public system but with private referrals you will have to check the fees with the specialist concerned. 


Eligible Veterans’ Affairs patients are bulk billed to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs after their initial visit.   (standard consultation $ 70.00 and a longer consultation will be $ 100.00)


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