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  • 08 Jan 2021 11:16 AM | Anonymous

    The Blackbutt Medical Centre is pleased to advise that the GP staffing for 2021 will change from Mon 18th January.

    Dr Daph Connor will continue full time in her regular room - Consult 1.

    Dr Lorna Montgomery will continue Mon and Tues in a new room - Consult 6.

    Dr Paul Kennedy will continue Thurs and Friday in the same room - Consult 5.

    Dr Oran Carroll will be with us till 23rd July (full time) in a new room - Consult 4.

    Dr Hla Myat will join the Team full time - Consult 2.

    and Marti Dahlin will continue Mon - Fri 8am - 1pm with QML Pathology - QML room.

  • 08 Jan 2021 10:47 AM | Anonymous

    The team at Blackbutt Medical Centre pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, sustainable community health care.

    The beginning of February will mark the first year for Blackbutt Medical Centre as a mixed billing medical practice and we want to thank the wider Blackbutt community for the smooth transition. In today’s environment, it’s no longer possible to bulk bill every patient. From February 2020, Blackbutt Medical Centre transitioned to a mixed billing clinic, meaning all consultations are time-based and attract a fee which may or may not be covered by the Medicare rebate.

    Now that said, things haven’t changed much for most of our regular patients  or soon to become regular patients who transfer their records. We have given a great deal of consideration to who is eligible to be bulk billed.  If you have a valid and current Medicare card, we still bulk bill children under 16, age pensioners and healthcare card holders, DVA, disability pension card holders and students under 25 years with a student card. In these Covid-19 times we have seen the introduction of a fully bulk-billed telephone consult service operating from Blackbutt Medical Centre. As well as having a valid and current Medicare card a patient must be registered as a patient and have had a consult in the last 12 months before they can book a telephone “fully bulk-billed” telephone consult. We will even fax/email and deliver/mail original script to your pharmacy/chemist of choice.

    Fees will be payable at the time of consultation (No accounts) for:

    • All new Patients (Visitors and locals)
    • Expired Medicare cards
    • No Medicare card (eg overseas traveller)
    • Newborn children not on a Medicare Card
    • All insurance, superannuation, medico-legal paperwork and records
    • Commercial driver’s licence
    • Pre-employment Medicals
    • Acupuncture consumables
    • Wound dressings (not normal aftercare)
    • Iron infusions
    • Other non-Medicare billable consultations and consumables.

    Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. With on the spot processing and if you pay by cash, EFTPOS or a debit Credit Card, the Medicare rebate goes back into your bank account right away. So your “out of pocket” expense is the small gap.

    The AMA fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and our doctors charge the fees that reflect the time taken and degree of complexity in each consultation. Our practice is equipped with TYRO and Medicare On-Line. These facilities allow the surgery to directly lodge your receipt for Medicare refunds, saving time for patients.

    Please ask our reception members for any information regarding these rebate options, as well as private fees. They will make you aware of practice policy and any fees that might be due after the consult.

    Of course, if our patients need to access quality health care but can’t afford it, we will, bulk bill them. (At the discretion of your GP)

  • 26 Mar 2020 9:47 AM | Anonymous

    From Monday, 23 March the Government will allow medical centres to use telehealth and telephone for consultations with all of our patients.

    This includes patients who are:
    • aged at least 70 years old
    • Indigenous and aged at least 50 years old
    • pregnant
    • a parent of a child under 12 months
    • immune compromised
    • have a chronic medical condition that results in increased risk from coronavirus infection.

    This change will help protect the most vulnerable members of our healthcare workforce, while allowing them to continue to provide much needed medical care and advice to their patients.

    If you would prefer to have a telephone or telehealth consultation please advise reception when you call to make an appointment. (07 4163 0023)

  • 04 Feb 2020 10:04 AM | Anonymous

    Local practice receives the mark of quality as an accredited practice


    The South Burnett increased its community health credentials today when Blackbutt Medical Centre received a national award of accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to quality and safety within its practice.


    Blackbutt Medical Centre received this important recognition from Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL), the leading not-for-profit provider of general practice accreditation services within Australia.


    AGPAL Chair, Dr Richard Choong, said accreditation shows the practice makes a significant investment and commitment to quality on a day-to-day basis, across all levels of the practice team.


    “Achieving accreditation is a major achievement for any practice and a clear demonstration that Blackbutt Medical Centre is striving to improve their level of care to both patients and the community,” he said.


    “Practices seek accreditation because they want to do their best and view this as another step towards excellence in patient care."


    To achieve accreditation, a practice team works over a 12 month period to implement the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices, the recognised national standard for general practices, that provides a template for quality care and risk management.

    The AGPAL accreditation program was developed to provide a range of minimum expectations for patients surrounding safety and care by assessing the practice environment and their processes. Accreditation was developed jointly by AGPAL and primary health organisations and peak bodies, including the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

    Areas of focus during an on-site assessment for accreditation include: ensuring vaccines are within their use-by-date and stored at the correct temperatures, that the practice equipment is clean and sterile, practice staff are up-to-date with their training, and the practice has emergency care available.

    Dr Choong said accreditation is attainable only through cooperation and communication between staff members.


    "Everyone at the practice plays a valuable role in working to meet the RACGP Standards. It gives staff a real sense of pride to work in an accredited practice," added Dr Choong.


    Blackbutt Medical Centre proudly displays the AGPAL Accredited Symbol for all their patients to see.


    “We want community members, nationwide to know that their wellbeing is our priority. By choosing to attend an accredited practice, patients know they will get quality and safe care that meets the RACGP Standards.”

  • 08 Jan 2020 3:12 PM | Anonymous

    Blackbutt Medical Centre will become a mixed billing medical practice from 3rd February 2020. If your GP hasn’t bulk billed you, full payment of the consultation fee needs to be paid on that day. The gap between your Medicare rebate and the consultation charge is the out of pocket amount.

    With on the spot processing, the Medicare rebate goes into your bank account right away.

    Fees will be payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

    Accounts are unfortunately not able be given.

    The AMA fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and our doctors charge the fees that reflect the time taken and degree of complexity in each consultation. Our practice is equipped with TYRO and Medicare On-Line. These facilities allow the surgery to directly lodge your receipt for Medicare refunds, saving time for patients.

    Please ask our reception members for any information regarding these rebate options, as well as private fees.

    In today’s environment, it’s no longer possible to bulk bill every patient. From 3rd February 2020, Blackbutt Medical Centre will become a mixed billing clinic, meaning all consultations are time-based and attract a fee.

    We have given a great deal of consideration to who is eligible to be bulk billed.

    Blackbutt Medical Centre pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, sustainable community health care.

    Bulk billing is available for people who have a valid Medicare card and are:

    • Pension Card Holders

    ·         Health Care Card Holders

    • DVA Card Holders
    • Children under 16 years
    • Students under 25 years with a Student card
    • Undertaking a Mental Health Care plan
    • Undertaking a Chronic Disease Management Plan or Team Care Plan
    • Undertaking a Home medicines Review appointment.
    • 75+ Annual Health Check

    If your card has expired, we aren’t able to bulk bill you.

    If your newborn does not have a card yet, we aren’t able to bulk bill them.

    If our patients need to access quality health care but can’t afford it, we will, of course, bulk bill them. (At the discretion of your GP)

    Blackbutt Medical Centre pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, sustainable community medical and health care.


                     Item                                  Our Fee                                  Medicare Rebate

      Standard Consultation (Item 23)  $  70.00                                         $  38.20

      Long Consultation (Item 36)        $ 100.00                                        $  73.95

  • 16 May 2019 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    MEDIA RELEASE – Two new aged living units almost a reality – The $50,000 Challenge.


    Blackbutt, January 24th  2019: “$50,000 needed in 5 months” – that is the challenge for the little town of Blackbutt and the Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Association (BBAC). The recently awarded Commonwealth Government grant of $204,740 has enabled committee to set the wheels in motion to build the first two x two bedroom Independent Living Units at the Scott Haven site. Plans have been finalized. Ian and Cathy from Gilliland Homes will build the units. Timelines are in place for a December 2019 build completion. Budgets have been drawn up and fundraising has come up with a $50,000 shortfall. Because the funding is provided on a $ for $ basis, we need to ensure we have another $204,740 to match the Building Better Regions Funding. This is where we need your help!


    The Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Association Incorporated is a Registered Charity with Public Benevolent Institution status. It is also a Deductible Gift Recipient. As a DGR, BBAC must comply with the Fundraising Rules of the ATO found at: https://www.ato.gov.au/Non-profit/Gifts-and-fundraising All gifts to The Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Association Incorporated are tax deductible, and as a DGR, BBAC is not required to issue a receipt. Instead you may use your Bank Statements and Email notifications for claiming a Tax Deduction on your tax Return. However, if you require a receipt from BBAC, one will certainly be issued to you. Just email us at secretarybbac@gmail.com, or contact Emeric at the Blackbutt Post Office.


    But how do we raise the $50,000 before June 30th 2019?


    A Building Fund has been set up solely for this Project. The Bank details are Bendigo Bank - Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Building Fund - BSB 633000 - Acc 160832713.


    The Challenge is to raise $10,000 per month from February to June.


    If 100 local businesses or residents donated $100 per month for 5 months we would have the $50,000. But that is too simple. If all residents made a commitment to donate some money than we would be able to achieve our $50,000 goal. If all local residents, businesses and organizations committed to do one or more of the following:


    Go to your nearest Bendigo Bank and deposit your donation to Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Building Fund - BSB 633000 - Acc 160832713

    Go to your nearest Bendigo Bank and set up a five month regular deposit to Blackbutt & Benarkin Aged Care Building Fund

    Go to Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BBACAssn/ and find the Donate Button to make your donation.

    While visiting your local businesses look out for the donation boxes shaped like a little house. When in Blackbutt Post Office, Blackbutt Medical Centre, Bunya Nut Café, Main Street Realty, Blackbutt IGA and Yarraman Real Estate place your donation in the special “house” donation tins. Empty the coins from your pocket or purse. Drop in a couple of Note$ as well as your coins.

    Buy a ticket in the Australia Day Raffle - $100 IGA Voucher and a bottle of Red from the private collection of Jeff Connor.

    Buy a ticket in the Money Tree Raffles coming up soon.

    Buy a ticket in the “Foot Massager” raffle. (valued at $400). Look for John Atkins and Susan Strid

    Join in the activities of other local organizations as they do their bit by holding an event, a raffle, or fundraiser with profits to the Building Fund.

    Support any other BBAC fundraising functions by attending or buying a ticket.

    Look out for the flyer in your mailbox over the coming months helping to remind you of our $50,000 Challenge and how you can help us cross the line by 30th June 2019.


    Come on Blackbutt – Can you meet the $50,000 Challenge?


    Further information:  Treasurer – Emeric Charles  0410 611 242

  • 23 May 2018 1:05 PM | Anonymous

    Puncturing the Myths


    Acupuncture is the stimulation of very precise acupuncture points that can promote the body’s natural pain control and healing abilities.

    Acupuncture has been practiced by the Chinese in the past 2,000 years. Energy or qi channels, called meridians, flow through the body, and an obstruction to the meridians are like a dam that backs up the rivers.

    Acupuncture can unblock the obstructions, re-establish the regular flow through the meridians, and helps the body’s internal organs to correct energy qi imbalances. The modern scientific explanation is that it stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain to reduce pain, promote healing and achieve physical and emotional well-being. Widely practiced throughout the world, acupuncture has successfully treated more people than with all other health modalities combined.

    You don’t have to believe in Acupuncture for it to work.  Acupuncture is used successfully on cats, dogs, horses and other animals, who do not understand or believe in the process that helps them get better. A positive attitude toward wellness may reinforce the effects of the treatment received, just as a negative attitude may hinder the effects of acupuncture or any other treatment. A neutral attitude (“I don’t know if I really believe in this.”) will not block the treatment.

    Because acupuncture needles are thin and solid, most patients feel only minimal pain; some feel no pain at all. Once the needles are in place, no pain is felt. The risk of bruising and skin irritation is minimal. There is no risk of infection from treatments as all needles are sterile and single use. Your doctor may also choose to use laser, either alone or in combination with needles, to stimulate acupuncture points. This is also a pain-free, safe and effective treatment.

    Your GP who is trained and licensed in Western Medicine has to undergo training in acupuncture as a specialty practice. Such a doctor has an advantage to use one or the other approach, or a combination of both, to treat an illness. Dr Daphene Connor is a Fellow of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College. She is very experienced in providing Medical Acupuncture.

    The number of treatments needed differs from person to person, from one to two treatments a week for complex or long standing conditions, up to three times per week for more acute problems. It takes at least 4-5 treatments before the cells start to 'wake up' and cause changes in internal chemicals, which work to produce an effect. Hence, a standard treatment regime is usually at least five, and up to twelve treatment sessions, after which it is recommended to give a break from treatment for about a month.

    There are usually no side effects to the treatment. If they occur, these are minor and should not cause concern. They are indications that the acupuncture is starting to work. You may experience worsening of symptoms for a few days, mild changes in appetite, sleep, bowel or urination patterns, or emotional state. You may also feel a transient sensation of deep relaxation or mild disorientation immediately following the treatment (common with the first one or two treatments).

    At Blackbutt Medical Centre, Dr Connor, who specialises in acupuncture will provide a treatment plan that is tailored to suit each individual patient’s needs.  Our doctors recognise that each patient case is unique and therefore a full initial assessment is required to determine if acupuncture is right for you.  Dr Connor is fully licenced and holds a special qualification in Acupuncture as endorsed by AHPRA (Medical Board of Australia).

    Acupuncture can be used to help promote good health, energy and vitality. Acupuncture can be used in the management of pain, stress, insomnia, smoking, alcohol, weight, nausea, anxiety and a range of other medical conditions.  

    Please discuss with your doctor if acupuncture is suitable for you and ensure that you discuss any concerns prior to the commencement of any treatment.

    Acupuncture is available at the Blackbutt Medical Centre. Appointments for acupuncture are available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm with Dr Daphene Connor.


    For more information please contact:


    Please contact Reception on 4163 0023 to arrange an appointment,

  • 23 May 2018 12:53 PM | Anonymous

    My Health Record opt-out window announced: what you need to know

    By: Georgie Haysom, BSc, LLB (Hons), LLM (Bioethics), GAICD, Head of Advocacy, Avant
    May 16, 2018

    Health record opt out

    In a highly anticipated announcement, the Minister for Health the Hon. Greg Hunt confirmed on Monday the My Health Record (MHR) opt-out three-month window will commence from 16 July to 15 October 2018. Every Australian will be offered a MHR unless they choose to opt-out during this period.

    The COAG Health Council unanimously agreed to the move from opt-in to opt-out in August 2017 to increase adoption rates. The announcement comes after the government recently released the framework to guide the secondary use of MHR system data for research or public health purposes.

    Here we outline how practices can prepare for the transition and answers to patient’s questions.

    The opt-out period

    From 15 May, AHPRA, in partnership with organisations aligned with the National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions, will distribute letters to all health practitioners providing information about the opt-out process.

    A national communications strategy will also be implemented by the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) to inform all Australians of the benefits of digital health and to explain the opt-out process.

    Following the three-month opt-out phase, a 30 day reconciliation period will commence to process paper forms arriving by mail.

    The Agency has suggested practices can add this information to their websites to redirect patients to the MHR website for more information.

    Steps for patient opt-out

    During the opt-out period, patients who do not want a MHR can opt-out by visiting the MHR website or calling 1800 723 471 for assistance. They will not have a record created for them.

    Opt-out forms will be provided upon request to patients, and additional support provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, those with limited digital literacy and living in rural and remote areas.

    MHR activation

    A MHR will be created for all Australians with a Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card who do not opt-out. However, the MHR will not contain any content. The patient’s MHR will be activated when the patient logins for the first time or when a healthcare provider accesses the record during treatment. Two years of Medicare and PBS records will then be added to the MHR, unless a patient chooses not to include this information. Patients will also be able to upload personal notes, advanced care documentation, and medication and allergy information.

    Patients can cancel their MHR at any time after the end of the opt-out period. Their MHR will be archived in accordance with the MHR legislation. Patients who opted out can change their mind and reactivate their MHR at any time.

    Patient consent and restricting access

    Patients provide a ‘standing consent’ for all healthcare organisations involved in their care to upload clinical information to their record. Providers do not need to obtain consent on each occasion prior to uploading clinical information. However, the AMA’s Guide to using the My Health Record (currently under review), recommends advising a patient you will be uploading information to their MHR, particularly if this information might be considered sensitive.

    Patients can ask their healthcare provider not to add specific test reports and other medical information to their MHR. Patients can also restrict access to specific information by applying a Limited Access Code to that specific document – or by applying a Personal Access Code to the entire record.

    If a patient requests that a clinical document is not uploaded, a provider is obliged to follow this request.

    MHR and children

    Under the MHR system, authorised representatives, such as a parent or legal guardian, have control of their child’s MHR from 0 to 14 years.

    A child can take control of their MHR between the ages of 14 and 18.

    Anyone under 14 who can prove to the MHR System Operator they are a ‘mature minor’, can take control of their existing record.

    National Digital Health Strategy priority areas

    The Agency has developed Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless, and Secure, which proposes seven priority outcomes to be achieved by 2022.

    A key focus is on secure communication through digital channels, with the aim of ending dependence on paper-based correspondence and fax or post. A number of initiatives will also test digital empowerment of a range of health reform areas including telehealth and end-of-life and emergency care. The test bed projects will run for two years to inform the national roll-out of these initiatives across Australia.

    The Agency has drafted a Framework for Action to support the strategy’s implementation and is currently inviting feedback from organisations on the framework.

    More information

    The Australian Digital Health Agency offers online training for health practitioners and patients on MHR and has developed a series of educational webinars.

    For advice on your MHR obligations, visit our website or call our Medico-legal Advisory Service (MLAS) on 1800 128 268 for expert advice, 24/7 in emergencies.

  • 19 Jan 2018 6:00 AM | Anonymous

    Welcome to our first 2018 USQ MBBS III Medical Students, Emily Chen and Jordan Barker. They

    will be on placement during at Blackbutt Medical for the period Monday 15 January – Friday 23 February 2018. Please make them Welcome.


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