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Medical student education is an important part of the training program at the clinic. We accept students from the University of Queensland (UQ) and Griffith University. They have an opportunity to participate in formally assessing patients with chronic and complex diseases including diabetes, medical assessments etc. They also have an opportunity to experience various procedural skills including skin excisions, venepuncture, immunisations and wound care. They have the opportunity to enhance the preventative care literature and resources that the medical centre can make available to patients.


We also have medical students visiting periodically for work experience during term breaks. They all enjoy obtaining practical knowledge of General Practice.


We are grateful to those patients who allow the student doctors to be involved in their care. It is a tremendously valuable learning opportunity and we know that the students and the University hold the training in high regard. 

A regular feature of all medical student visits is to learn more about and to produce literature and links for our website and Facebook page that address events, happenings and resources of personal health information. Look to the News and Event Calendar for these postings.

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