Quitting Smoking





Why is it hard to quit?


Every time you smoke, inhaled nicotine travels to you brain and attaches to nicotine receptors. This causes the release of a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is linked with the pleasure and addiction centres in the brain.  


When you stop smoking, your dopamine levels drop, which may initially make you feel irritable and crave more nicotine.  


How does smoking effect me?


Smoking doesn't just effect your lungs, it effects all parts of the body.





Is it too late to make a change?


No. The earlier you decide to make a change, the more damage you can undo.



Financial Benefits:


Smoking can also be a huge burden on your budget. Over time, the money you can save by quitting can be a great incentive.



 Day 1 $10 Treat yourself to lunch or take a friend out for coffee
 After 1 week $71 Tale your partner out to dinner
 After 1 month $306 Buy a new camera or clothes
 After 6 months $1,836 Buy a new TV
 After 1 year $3,723 Buy a new couch
 After 2 years $7,446 Take an overseas holiday
 After 5 years$18,615  Buy a new car
 After 10 years $37,230 Renovate your kitchen

*Based on 15 cigarettes/day average 


You can use the BUPA Smoking tool to calculate exactly how much you could save based on how much you smoke.


What you can do:


  • Counselling (eg. Quitline - #13 78 48)
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (available from your pharmacy)
  • Prescription smoking cessation medicines (prescribed by your doctor)
  • Acupuncture or hypnotherapy
  • Herbal or complementary therapy


Please see your GP, or visit www.nailquitting.com for more information.

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